Matte Black Paint for Cars: Here Are 5 Great Options (2023)

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Black matte paint is a popular style among car enthusiasts for its clean and simple look. It isn’t sparkly and may be described as non-glossy, and matte black can also look professionally applied with the right style of paint. They stand out and can be used on just about any type of vehicle. When considering matte black paint for a car there are a few things to consider.

Matte black is essentially a black finish that is subdued and flat compared to other finishes on vehicles. The “matte” name refers to the fact that it is not as shiny as other types of black finishes. While black is a broader word that refers to any hue that is darker than white. So, while matte black and black are the same color tone, they are both different types of finishes and the hues are visually very different.

Depending on the color of your tires and rims, the full “murdered out” matte finish may cause the wheels to merge into the fender wells or seem to look overly black. Matte black paint for a car is a great option if applied correctly with a quality brand, and can give your vehicle a unique look and style.

Things to consider with matte black paint for a car


This seems like a no-brainer, but if your paint mixture doesn’t contain consistent ingredients, it most likely will not keep a smooth finish across the vehicle base. Paint brands likely have an expiration date on them, and if you use them beyond that date, they might lose some overall quality. If necessary, double-check the amount of each component and take the initiative to create a fantastic blend. Otherwise, they lump the materials together and it could appear clumpy.


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Resistance to moisture

It’s important to choose a moisture-resistant spray paint for your car wash when weighing the options. If the spray paint doesn’t withstand liquid, it most likely won’t be a long-term option for your vehicle. As a general rule for any car product, if it cannot survive moisture from rain or a car wash, it likely won’t be able to handle filth, dust, or rocks.

Time to Dry

When considering matte black paint for a car, you’ll probably see many products saying they dry almost immediately, but only certain products will dry within a few minutes. In addition, the drying time varies depending on the original paint type, damage, and cleanliness. Some products actually take days or even weeks to thoroughly dry before they are road-ready. Many people aren’t reasonably able to wait that long and turn to rapid drying brands.

Is matte black paint on a car easy to maintain?

Due to its lack of gloss, matte black paint tends to display scratches, nicks, dents, and chips more visibly than most other finishes. You’ll need to maintain and clean the exterior frequently to ensure its quality over time. The amount of reflection is the major distinction between matte and gloss black. Gloss black is very reflective, but matte black has minimal to no reflection. As a result, matte black absorbs more light and appears darker. Gloss black reflects more light, giving it a brighter appearance.

Matte black paint recommendations

Rust-Oleum 332289

For vehicle enthusiasts who want to personalize their ride with on-trend finishes and colors, this is a great option. It’s a spray-on long-lasting finish that can be applied to metal, chrome, plastic, and other surfaces, making it simple to add matte color to the body or refurbish rims and interiors. This fast-drying paint resists smearing and can be re-coated without producing adhesion problems at any time.

  • This quick-drying brand provides long-term protection and may be reapplied at any time
  • It dries to the touch in as few as 20 minutes and provides durable coverage
  • Smooth finish is extra durable and resists smudge on vehicle body pieces, trim, hoods, fenders, and more
  • Available around $31


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AGS Rust Solutions - Matte Black

This fast-dry epoxy-based coating is a high-tech topcoat added for enhanced adherence and durability. This will nearly stop rust completely from accumulating and can be applied directly to rust, permanently trapping it and preventing it from spreading.

  • UV protection is built-in, and is suitable with most topcoats, and can be painted over with any color
  • Ideal anti-rust solution for residential cars, and durable enough for commercial, industrial, fleet, aviation, marine, recreational vehicle, and agricultural applications
  • Rust Solution can resist temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available around $22

Dupli-Color ECWRC7947

One of the more well-known brands for vehicle paint modifications, Dupli-Color products are consistently reliable, affordable, and long-lasting. It provides a smooth, professional-looking surface that is resistant to regular wear and tear.

  • Ideal for original factory-painted finishes, aluminum, metal, chrome, and plastic bodies
  • Features simple to use EZ Peel Technology for the best peeling results
  • Can be re-applied approximately six months after the first treatment
  • Available around $21


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Eastwood Matte Black Rust Encapsulator Plus gallon

This heat-resistant and long-lasting matte black finish is one of the more durable finish products on the market, and may not come as much of a surprise with a hefty price tag. While its best results are after being applied in non-sunny conditions, this is a product that likely won’t disappoint regardless of where it’s applied.

  • Tested over 1,000 hours for best results
  • Original Rust Encapsulator is 2X stronger
  • Only one coat is required to completely cover the vehicle
  • Up to 350 degrees of heat resistance
  • Available around $200

Custom Shop 1 gallon count matte black spray

Similar to Eastwood, Custom Shop provides high-end products that deliver superior quality results. Specifically designed to withstand speeds from hot rods, Custom Shop’s matte black spray is a great option for sport and luxury vehicles. Custom Shop products are made in the USA and can be found for roughly $250.

Budget is always an important thing to consider for vehicle maintenance, but the good thing about matte black paint for cars is that they are all relatively inexpensive. Most are available around $20-$30 and just a few hundred dollars on the high end. It’s important to check any specifics from the vehicle manufacturer before making any modifications.

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