How Many Kung Fu Styles Have You Heard of ? (2022)

I have always been amazed at the amount of kung fu systems in existence. In my spare time I have tried to gather together as many styles as I could find. Some of the entries were only able to be confirmed by one source, some are well known. I thought I would share them with the forum.

Due to the amount of the entries I am including my “Works cited” section in only the first post. I am sure there are many errors. This is just a starting point and a first attempt.

These first Posts are for External Kung Fu systems only.

I have found 167 styles.

There are many entries that do not have citations for them but this was done because this material may eventually be used in a book. Non fiction citations are at the end of the work not at the end of the entry.

I also included more sources than just for the external kung fu entries because I would like to post this in a timely manner.


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