EssayVikings Review- Is it Still Scam in 2023? (2023)


EssayVikings reviews have rated below 2⭐ out of 5 stars, which clearly shows that EssayVikings is not legit & safe. 📌EssayViking's major complaints are 'refusing refund', 'high price for last min help', and 'syntax errors'📌. To sum up, EssayVikings is not legit and safe for customers. EssayVikings is associated with: Edubirdie, Edusson, EduZaurus, Paperial, SameDayPapers, PapersOwl is an online academic writing service company, with its headquarter situated in Nicosia, Cyprus. The site claims to come up with academic paper writing solutions based on research, evidence and findings. The experts associated with the firm claim to offer a wide range of writing services including term papers, college papers, research papers, essay help, dissertation and more.

But is it really what it claims to be? What if I tell you there’s a different story waiting at the other end to be revealed altogether? If you have plans to hire an expert for your project from Essayvikings, hold on for a moment. Take some time out of your busy schedule and read through my review narrating the experience of working with the experts of this company for an essay project of mine.

Price and Discount (Rating: 2/5)

I wasn’t really expecting the price to be this high. Or maybe I am a miserably broke dude who had high hopes and expectations from the writing service company. But in my personal opinion, Essayvikings is an overpriced writing service provider. For a 550 words argumentative essay paper help, they charged me $9.99. Although I liked the bidding facility which they have attached and made available for our convenience, but what is it with the pricing?

Couldn’t that be a bit cheaper? We, students are here to rope in an affordable writing service firm that can meet our standards of writing and fit into our budget at the same time. If, in the long run, the true meaning of hiring professional writing service companies reflects nothing but an entirely commercialized work culture, then I would better refrain from seeking professional academic writing help. I am sharing one screenshot highlighting the unreasonably high price offered by the firm for hiring a writer. This is no way a legit deal, as far as my opinion is concerned.

Service Quality (Rating: 3/5)

As I have already shared with you guys, I placed an order for an argumentative essay paper help. It goes without saying that I was expecting the content to be engaging, strong and well-explained. However, things didn’t turn out the way I had imagined. The paper quality wasn’t poor, but the standard didn’t meet the parameters of a successfully drafted essay which could fetch me the grade I aimed for.

Some of the references in the paper were not correctly drawn, and as a result, the citation and source acknowledgement suffered big time in the long run. Moreover, the silly editing flaws and grammatical mistakes made by the writer in my essay paper affected the overall paper quality to a great extent.

I mean, I should not expect a professional academic writing service provider to commit silly grammatical errors in the copy, should I? I simply had to invest a couple of extra hours rectifying the mistakes that were made. In addition to it, I had a pretty traumatic moment accumulating all genuine references and verifying them with the ones that were inserted by the writer in my copy.

I really couldn’t figure out whether the writers associated with the firm are simply fake, or they require additional training to write grammatically correct essays. I feel like I was the only unlucky soul to have roped in an inefficient essay writer.

24/7 Availability and Communication (2.5/5)

First of all, I tried contacting their customer support executive to enquire about the price they would charge for a 550 words argumentative essay. Even though I received a prompt reply (the auto generated ones), the next moment the entire chat portal disappeared and never came back. Dude, what kind of sorcery is this? I was in the middle of great trouble and anxiety on not being able to figure out the chat portal that totally went off.

Then I tried contacting the customer care executives via email. But it was again the same story. It took around 24 hours for the customer care executives to revert via email. What I could figure out about the communication process of this company is that the system is not at all transparent and convenient for a user. It won’t be possible for me to shoot a mail and wait for the experts to revert according to their whims. This made me confront a lot of trouble and communication hindrances, which eventually delayed the entire process of essay writing, and no wonder, the writer failed the deadline that he was supposed to maintain.

Timely Delivery (Rating: 2/5)

Even though I have already mentioned that the essay writer was not at all punctual in terms of maintaining the deadline, I would like to highlight a few shortcomings and critical issues responsible for such delays and irregularity.

The very first time when I had a talk with one of the so-called “experts” of the firm, the person agreed to handover the solution within 3-4 working days. But of course, that was not the case. I had to enquire regarding the delay, as I could realize that it has already been a week and there’s no response from their end regarding the status of my essay paper.

Well, the reason cited by the executives of the company was indeed funny and quite annoying at the same time. He told me that they messed up with the topic and came up with a couple of wrong information which they wish to revise and change.

I was literally amazed and shocked to realize the fact that they call themselves professional, and then come up with such silly reasons to justify their deeds. How can I call them reliable? They messed things up so bad that I had to ask for a money refund for the quality of work produced and the level of professionalism displayed. If you visit the website, you will be able to find a banner that says:

Since I was not satisfied with the work, I decided not to pay and asked the experts to return my money back. Even though I was given an assurance that they would add some further discount on the actual price since a complete money refund won’t be possible for them, another long week has passed by, still no response!

Dear Essayvikings, we students rely on the credibility of professional academic writing service providers like you. Please don’t come up with fake promises and make things more difficult for us. And I hope you guys are not into trusting fraud service providers. This company, in my opinion, needs a ton of improvement, especially in terms of paper quality and communication. If am supposed to rate the firm out of 10, I would go for a 4.5.

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